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What are online consultations

It is a modern, fast and discreet form of contact with a specialist (doctor, psycho-oncologist, psychologist, dietician or physiotherapist). Through online consultations you can receive support, information about possible causes of your problems and solve them. You can release your feelings and together with a specialist find effective methods of coping with difficulties.
Online consultations were created for people who do not have time to visit the doctor's office, for various reasons can not go to such visit (eg due to illness, remote location) or for various reasons prefer more anonymous contact.

By using you choose a form of communication with a specialist – currently there are three methods of communication available: video-conference (Voice chat using webcams), chat (text chat with a specialist in real time) or a a question (Description of a problem up to half A4 page (1600 characters).

Why is it worth to use

  • online access to verified specialists from across the country, nearly around the clock
  • properly verified staff following the principles of professional ethics,
  • medical confidentiality and data security,
  • easy to use application and a video connection available in your browser
  • reliable, current source of information due to the Research Team,
  • Practical features of application which facilitate making appointments and contacting specialists

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Services pricelist

Video call in the Online Office

Video medical consultation

Voice chat lasting 45 minutes using webcams and microphones that allows to look into the face of your interlocutor.

8 am - 8 pm

89 PLN

8 pm - 8 am

99 PLN

Chat in the Online Office

Online consultation - Chat

Text chat with a specialist in real time, lasting 45 minutes.

8 am - 8 pm

69 PLN

8 pm - 8 am

79 PLN

Question to a specialist

Ask specialist a question

Description of a problem up to half A4 page (1600 characters) with the answer up to 48h.

49 PLN

Personal visit

Personal visit

Visit in specialist's private office, lasting 45 minutes.

Specialist's individual rate