Information for specialists: the future of telemedicine

Telemedicine is a new, rapidly developing in a world, way to provide medical services at a distance, which combines elements of medicine, telecommunications and computer studies such as teleconsultations, telediagnostics, telerehabilitation.
Telemedicine facilitates the diagnosis, monitoring, exchange of the information, consultation of rare cases, it helps in the education and prevention, reduces costs of health care.
Nowadays, telemedicine is one of the most important public health issues. Also in Poland intense efforts continue for several years already, both at the national level (Ministry of Health) and local levels (regional development strategies) on the implementation of telemedicine tools. This is not a futuristic future - it's today and tomorrow.

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Telepsychiatry, telepsychology - are the consultations over the Internet effective?

Telemedicine There are a number of scientific studies proving the effectiveness of telepsychology. Parnass and Murphy, et al (2009) in their study of „Client Satisfaction and Outcome Comparisons of Online and Face-to-Face Counseling Methods” did not find any significant differences between the GAF scores of clients participating in online counseling, and the GAF scores of clients of face to face therapy, (GAF is a scale which subjectively rate the social, psychological, and occupational functioning) [1]. Psychiatric interviews also show that telepsychiatry seems to be a reliable form of counseling/therapy and that both patients and doctors express high levels of satisfaction with telepsychiatry (Fruech, 2000) [2].
Taking above into account, psychologists not only should not have much resistance against familiarising with and using modern forms of care and help, but most of all they should apply these methods in practice - because it is worth it, both from the point of view of the patient and professional.

  1. Murphy, L. M., Parnass, P., Hallett, R. H., & Mitchell, D. L. (2009). Client satisfaction and outcome comparisons of online and in-person counselling methods. British Journal of Social Work
  2. Frueh BC, Deitsch SE, Santos AB, et al. (2000) Procedural and methodological issues in telepsychiatry research and program development. Psychiatric Services, 51:1522–1527

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